DeRisk IT Inc. Supports Local Area Kindergarten Project

Note: DeRisk IT is now known as DeRisk QA.

Posted in Company Events DeRisk IT Inc. Supports Local Area Kindergarten Project

DeRisk IT Inc. proudly sponsored Mrs. Brandi Carothers' kindergarten elementary class at Winfield Elementary School for a garden project this spring. Mrs. Carothers wanted to introduce her class to the world of gardening as well as teach the children the importance of seeing what can be developed through hard work and proper care.

Mrs. Carothers approached DeRisk IT for sponsorship in the project, and the company provided all financial support. Lann Stewart, VP of Global Sales, was able to assist with construction of the raised beds and plantings while utilizing his certification as a Master Gardener to provide tips for maintenance. In addition to Stewart's contribution and support, many other parents and grandparents volunteered their time and gardening skills to complete the project. Bird houses and feeders were also purchased and placed around the garden to attract wildlife and provide additional observation points for the students.

Mrs. Carothers had set goals in which she wanted to accomplish with this class. Those goals included:

  • Hands-on science education: parts of a plant, what plants require to grow, seed production.
  • Interactive opportunity to seek information, learn to make observations (ex. changes in the plant as they grow), and interpret their observations.
  • Create opportunity to graph, measure, and record observations while developing their writing skill through making entries in their garden journals.
  • Teach responsibility: maintaining the garden that includes completing simple tasks such as watering the plants.
  • Provide the students with activities that allows for them to develop positive social skills when working with others.

To accomplish their classroom goals, Mrs. Carothers continues to guide her classroom students by showing them how to observe plant life, develop measurements on growth, and improve their writing skills. "It is easy to approve funding for projects like this when you have a teacher as passionate as Mrs. Carothers is about her children," said Lann Stewart. "Her goal from the first day that this project was started was 100% about the children. She has allowed these children to expand their minds while still absorbing a large amount of knowledge in a not so traditional environment. How can anyone refuse to help children learn in this atmosphere?"