DeRisk IT Inc. Announces SEO Audit Services Availability

Note: DeRisk IT is now known as DeRisk QA.

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WINFIELD — March 12, 2010 — Today at its Winfield, AL onshore, offsite testing facility, DeRisk IT Inc. announced the immediate availability of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit packages. SEO Audits are services that enable e-commerce companies to initiate a Return on Investment that is the highest among any form of marketing. This also benefits Informational and Organizational websites that want to attract visitors and increase traffic.

With everyone trying to gain as much business as possible in these tough economic times, DeRisk IT has chosen to promote SEO Audits that will enable their clients to get the most traffic possible directed to their websites. With a proper SEO campaign, the e-commerce client can have more traffic on their site, and more markets can be reached. A higher search engine ranking increases the ability of our clients to get the maximum exposure for their websites and promote a gradual increase in their sites popularity and an increase in sales and revenue. Informational and Organizational websites will also benefit from SEO Audits that gather information to help increase traffic and promote search engine ranking.

Click here to view the page detailing our SEO Audit service.