DeRisk IT Inc. Adopts a Soldier and Supports Its Own

Note: DeRisk IT is now known as DeRisk QA.

Posted in DeRisk QA News DeRisk IT Inc. Adopts a Soldier

DeRisk IT Inc., a software testing company, continues to support the Armed Forces deployed abroad by adopting SSGT. Russell Edmonson, who was recently deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. SSGT. Edmonson is a member of the Alabama Army National Guard, 166th Engineering Company (a unit of the 877th Engineering Battalion). He is from Winfield, Alabama, the father of Dana Edmonson, Technical Lead for DeRisk IT Inc., and this marks his third deployment.

Edmonson was previously engaged in Operation Desert Storm with the 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized), Ft. Stewart, GA, and then deployed again with the 877th Engineering Battalion to Iraq in 2003. Lann Stewart, Vice President of Global Sales for DeRisk IT Inc. and veteran of the US Navy, had researched into many of the soldier adoption programs with the idea that support for the US troops should never falter. Stewart then became aware that a DeRisk IT Inc. employee would have a family member deployed in the coming months and decided to approach Dana with the soldier adoption idea.

When approached by Stewart with the idea, Dana Edmonson stated, "I'm so glad not only that my father can be an inspiration and hero to my family, but that others have not forgotten that there are still many soldiers putting their lives on hold and often sacrificing them for us to continue to go about OUR everyday lives. I thank my company for supporting our troops and supporting my family while my father is away."

SSGT. Edmonson is deployed along with 160+ other soldiers from the community and expects to be deployed for at least a year assisting the Afghan people with their infrastructure and maintaining and constructing the base camp facilities. DeRisk IT Inc. will support SSGT. Edmonson by sending care packages each month for the duration of his deployment. DeRisk IT Inc. also urges others to remember that over 1 million soldiers have been deployed since 9/11 and those still away from their family and friends deserve our undying support.