DeRisk IT "Bring the Brain" Conference a Success

Note: DeRisk IT is now known as DeRisk QA.

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DeRisk IT Inc., American-based Software Testing Services leader, held their annual "Bring the Brain" conference recently on June 13-18, 2013. This conference is focused on the betterment of the company as a whole and ways to improve, all from the view of the employee.

Each year, the employees of DeRisk IT Inc. are asked to submit what they feel are changes that can improve the quality and success of DeRisk IT Inc. These recommendations can be from the most simplistic to the most extreme changes within the organization. Once submitted, a team meeting is scheduled so that each employee gets to present their suggestions. Each presenter has to give the "pros and cons" of what they are submitting and sell the management team on the changes. Once all presentations have taken place, the management team reviews the suggestions carefully and decides what changes will be taking place in the next year.

This year, presentations focused on numerous aspects such as employee training, marketing, inventory, and communication, among others. Eddie Clark, CEO of DeRisk IT Inc., visited from the United Kingdom office to attend the conference and provided feedback to the team. "During my visit in June," said Clark, "it was very obvious that DeRisk IT Inc. has now found its strongest team since the start of the company some fifteen years ago. Seeing it led through the 2008 world market crash to now by its Practicing Partner, Lann Stewart, they have grown from strength to strength. This has left us," Clark added, "with an extremely satisfied customer legacy, and serviced by a strong, but empathetic, professional team."

After these discussions, DeRisk IT Inc. decided to implement many key suggestions starting Q3 2013. Lann Stewart, Practicing Partner of DeRisk IT Inc., noted that "so many times companies don't listen to their employees. I heard an executive on a client site say they were going to take care of the goose as much as the egg. That stuck with me - and we utilized that phrase as a positive way to build our company internally."