Sloan Harper, 2013 Clark Award Winner, visits London

Posted in Company Events Sloan Harper near Parliament and Elizabeth Tower in London

Sloan Harper, DeRisk IT software tester, recently visited London, England as a reward for winning the 2013 Clark Award. The Clark Award is awarded to the top employee internationally within the company, and is the highest award given at DeRisk IT. The recipient of this award exemplifies the work ethic and drive to succeed desired by the company. Named after Edward Clark in 2007, this award allows the management team to show appreciation to the top-level staff. Mr. Clark is a mentor and role model to a large amount of the employees at DeRisk IT, and his moral standard and dedication to his employees makes this award special to any recipient.

After arriving at Heathrow International Airport, Harper enjoyed some sightseeing at major landmarks around the city. Later, Harper was able to meet with Edward Clark, CEO of DeRisk IT and the person for whom the Clark Award is named, for good meals and conversations. Harper’s time in London included visiting the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, the British Museum, and riverboat cruise of the River Thames.

Sloan Harper is an ISTQB-certified software tester and has worked for DeRisk IT since 2012.

Note: DeRisk IT is now known as DeRisk QA.