DeRisk QA

Formerly known as DeRisk IT, DeRisk QA provides onshore
software testing solutions for your quality issues.


While many companies choose to widely diversify their offerings, their "catch all" approach can actually work against you. At DeRisk QA, our primary focus is effective Quality Assurance.

From the outset, our dedicated team approach provides you with maximum efficiency in the highest quality testing protocols, helping deliver mission critical applications with the highest confidence and lowest risk on time and within budget.

About us

DeRisk QA is an American veteran-owned company that specializes in functional testing (manual and automated), regression testing, exploratory testing, and mobile testing.

We are not an offshore company, staffing company, or a high-end consulting company. DeRisk QA has onshore facilities that employ American workers - same time zone, no language or cultural barriers, and utilizing industry-standard certifications.

Case Studies

DeRisk QA takes pride in the services it provides to other companies.

Since 1998, we've performed quality assurance testing for companies in a diverse range of industries such as healthcare, banking, insurance, e-commerce, and retail.

Click above to view a list of our case studies and learn more about some previous projects involving manual and automated testing.

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DeRisk QA Performs Functional Testing for Major Retail Company
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DeRisk QA Provides Testing Team for Post-Acute Care IT Company
Project Cover
DeRisk QA Stock Administration and Financial Accounting Company
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Expertise in Automated Software Testing Tools
Why choose DeRisk QA?

Our pricing packages can be customized for your company's unique needs. We deliver the highest value for your budget.


Keeping your product in top shape with block-of-time support contracts that let us respond quickly to your needs.


We believe listening is the foundation to the design process and the key to a successful partnership.


We work closely with you to develop an understanding of your vision, target market, and software objectives.


DeRisk QA values your time; hence, we have a strong testing team experienced in functional testing to ensure solutions for you.


We have more than 19 years experience in onshore, offsite software testing.

DeRisk QA News - View More
22 Dec

Boundary Value Analysis
Posted in Testing | Dec 22, 2017

Boundary Value Analysis is a useful test design technique to use alongside equivalence partitioning. With BVA, you choose the maximum and minimum values of each partition...

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26 Feb

Decision Tables
Posted in Testing | Feb 26, 2018

Generating decision tables, or cause-effect tables, from a list of possible conditions is a valuable process to determine test case scenarios based on combinations of inputs and selections...

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29 Jun

State Transition Testing
Posted in Testing | Jun 29, 2018

State transition testing is a test design technique based on the possible states of the system under test and the conditions and events that cause each transition into another state...

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Words From Our CEO
  • DeRisk QA provides a compelling alternative to conventional offshore outsourcing.

    Edward ClarkCEO
  • The primary role of DeRisk QA has been to help corporate organizations forecast and plan for the most efficient IT projects with respect to risk avoidance and implementing appropriate software testing solutions.

    Edward ClarkCEO
  • We approach and deliver hard facts for ROI and cost benefit required for today's best practices, providing a consistent level of service requirements by which all IT systems are measured.

    Edward ClarkCEO